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This website seeks to show you how to make a website. Maybe you think making a website is so far out of your league that there is no hope for you to ever learn how to make a website.learn to design websites


This site will show you that building a website is possible, whether you would like a website from the most basic to something that is a bit more complicated.


Of course, you need to put some work in, websites don't just build themselves. However, making a website, especially a simple website isn't ridiculously hard. If your willing to put some work into learning, then you will be able to build a website too.


This website will cover all the different challenges that come with building a website. It will explain coding and how you can learn HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language), and CSS (Cascade Styling Sheets). It will also explain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the best ways to get traffic to your site.


learn to get traffic to your websiteThis site will also explain the hosting and domain process, so you can get your new site online. It will explain how to buy a new domain name, or transfer an exisiting one. It will also explain how you can build a blog, or show you how to use a CMS (Content Management System).


Don't understand any of the acronyms I have been using? Thats ok, this website will go and explain all the web terms that need explaining.


So ready to start?


Great! I would suggest you start with HTML tutorials. If you already know the basics of HTML then you could maybe skip to the CSS tutorials?


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me using the contact form.

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Basic HTML Tags
This page is written to explain all the most basic html tags. It will link out to other pages describing the html tags in more detail. This page provides a simple summary of these basic html tags.
This page is intended to explain the first and most essential HTML element, the HTML tag. This tag is the container for all of the HTML code.
HTML Head Tag
This page explains the html head tag, a very crucial element of a typical HTML page.
Title Tag
The title tag, is placed in the head tag of your html. It is designed to summarize your content and is placed in the browser toolbar.
HTML Meta Tag
This page will explain to you what a HTML meta tag is and what you can do with it.
Author Meta Tag
The author meta tag is used to declare the author of a specific HTML page. The author tag doesn't contribute to search engine rankings but it can be useful in other ways.
Why Build a Website?
This article is written on the question, why build a website? Are there many good reasons to make a website? Find out, and see the different types of websites that you can build.
HTML Body Tag
The html body tag contains all the information that is visible in your web browser. This article will show you what it does and how to use it.
Contact Form - Thankyou
Contact Form - Thankyou
Best HTML Editors - How to Make a Website Explained
This article is written to show you the best html editors around and how you can choose one that suits your needs. There are so many HTML editor to choose from, which makes this choice even harder.
Increasing Your Online Presence With a Website
One of the best reasons for a business to have a website, is because of the need of an online presence. Perhaps your website will not pick up thousands of searches through Google everyday, but a company without an online presence is sorely behind the pack.
What is HTML - HyperText Markup Language
So What is HTML? Simply put HTMl is a coding language that stands for HyperText Markup Language. However, there is so much more to say about HTML then just that. Read this article to find out more.
What is CSS - Cascade Styling Sheets
So What is CSS? Simply put CSS is a coding language that stands for Cascade Styling Sheet. However, there is so much more to say about CSS then just that. CSS will revolutionalize the way that you build a website, it is incredibly important and very highly recommended! Read this article to find out more.
Make Money on the Internet - Online Money Making
There are so many ways to make money on the internet. This article is designed to provide you with a number of ways that you can do this. Google Adsense, affiliates, information sites, auctions, portfolios, shops and more can all be used to make money online.
Make Money With Affiliate Programs - Tips & Techniques
So what are the different ways that you can make money with affiliate programs? What are the different alternatives to affiliate marekting? Read this article for some great tips and techniques to affiliate marketing.
What is Affiliate Marketing - Internet Marketing - Affiliate Programs
What is affiliate marketing? How does affiliate marketing work? If these are some of your questions, read this article on affilaite marketing and find out what affiliate marketing is and how you might use affiliate programs in the future.
Difference Between Adwords and Adsense - Google Advertising Programs & Affiliates
So what is the difference between adwords and adsense? Well these Google programs can be confusing, unless you know what they are and that is where this article on comparing adsense to adwords comes in.
Building a Website for the Modern World
Building a website for the modern world? Looking to expand online? This article will help explain the various reasons why you should build a website.
Online Advertising - Internet Marketing
Online Advertising is the way for you to attrack visitors and future customers to your products and services. There are many benefits to advertising online and there are a variety of internet marketing types such as pay per click advertising and email marketing.
How to Make Money Owning a Website
Find out How to Make Money Owning a Website and the different techniques and ideas offered to make money with a website. Use paid advertising, Google Adsense, Banner Ads and more to make money through a website.
HTTP Cookies Explained
Find information regarding http cookies! Have HTTP Cookies explained clearly and in a way that you can understand.
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