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Author Meta Tag

The author meta tag is one of the many meta tags

that can be included within the head element.


The author meta tag is simply to declare the author of your HTML page. This meta tag is not indexed by search engines, meaning that no one will find you through it.



<meta name="Author" content="Nathanael Vanderkolk" />


This example is included on all of my pages in my site. If you right click any page, and go to to the HTML source, you will find this meta tag there. The meta name specifies that you are describing an author, and the content is where you put the author's name.


So if you would like to use this author meta tag, on your website, simply copy the code and replaced my name, with yours. Some people recommend putting your email address in there too. I would not recommend it as you are likely to get your inbox full of junk mail.


Where do you put the Author Tag?

This meta tag is placed where all the meta tags are placed and that is inside the head element.


Why use the Author Tag?

Currently the author tag is recognized as a current meta tag. It doesn't help search engines find your page, and can only be view in the HMTL code.


The only advantage there is in having a HTML athor tag is the fact that you can always keep track of who wrote that page, and if someone copies your entire page and uses it somewhere else then you can show them the author tag, and they will be caught for plagiarism.



So do you know what the Author Meta tag is? The author tag doesn't affect the main look of your site, but it contains information about the author.


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