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Best HTML Editors

This article is written to try and show you some of the best html editors around. There are so many to choose from, it is hard to try and decide which one would be the best and most useful.

Notepad and Wordpad

Now typically and probably the most used HTML editors are notepad and wordpad. These come with every Windows operating system and are thus the most used. However both notepad and wordpad display the html code in a very basic way, without colour coding or making writing HTML code easier.


Read more on Notepad and Wordpad here.


Notepad ++

Notepad ++ is one of the best html editors available. It is similar to normal notepad (from windows) but it colour codes all your html code and thus makes it easier to find errors.




You can download notepad++ from here, or you can find more information on it here.



NVU is a visual html editor and possibly the best free html editor around. It is similar to Dreamweaver, but probaby not as good. I would recommend using NVU as your free visual html editor until you can afford to buy Adobe Dreamweaver.


NVU is pretty good as a free html editor, but Dreamweaver does provide significantly more functions and error finding tools.



In my opinon Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the best html editors available. It provides a great layout for typing code, since it colour codes everything you write. It will also provide you the Design view, so you can see what the code is writing. There are great features, making writing HTML and CSS a whole lot easier.


I often use Dreamweaver when designing a new site, and when entering new content to a website. If you are willing to pay the money then Adobe Dreamweaver is well worth it!


Check out the following screen shots of Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 (Click to enlarge an image)


adobe dreamweaver cs3 screenshot adobe dreamweaver cs3 code view screenshot
adobe dreamweaver cs3 screenshot of properties adobe dreamweaver cs3 css rules


I hope you enjoyed this article on the best HTML editors. I have listed just a few of the many editors out there, and hopefully now you are able to make a decision for yourself.


If you are only a beginner to HTML and CSS then I would recommend the free notepad ++ or NVU. However, if you are planning on going into web design or web development then I would highly recommend Dreamweaver as it is an essential to a web designer.



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