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Difference Between Adwords and Adsense



What is the Difference Between Adwords and Adsense?


The two Google programs Adsense and Adwords both sound very familiar to eachother and thus can be easily confused. Even the logos look similar. This article seeks to explain to you the difference between adwords and adsense.


difference between adwods and adsense


To understand the difference between these Google Programs, it is firstly important to understand what each of these programs are and what they do. So I will explain what Google Adsense is, then I will explain Google Adwords, and lastly I will discuss how these two connect to eachother.



Google AdsenseGoogle Adsense Logo

Google Adsense is the most popular advertising concepts on the Internet.


Adsense has made a revolutionary change to the internet, to affiliate marketing and to typical internet writers.


Although many other online advertising concepts come and go, Google Adsense looks like its here to stay. Google Adsense works on a pay-per-click basis.


The people who use Google Adsense are those that own a website and are looking to generate revenue through their site. If people come to their site and click a Google Advertisment, then the website will make a portion of that click.


How to Make Money with Google Adsense

Google provides website owners an earning opportunity by placing Google advertisements on their website. The advertisements take two different forms; text and images.


For this, the website owners are required to register for Google Adsense program. When website users click on the Adsense advertisements, Adsense revenue starts generating.


Once you are registered with the Adsense program, you are given a unique code generated for your website and it has to be included in your web pages. You can decide where to inject this code depending on where you want ads to be displayed.


The piece of script code planted determines the type of the advertisement (you can select what type of advertisement you want when you generate the code) and it takes care of displaying dynamic ads on the web pages.


When visitors come to your web site, they are able to see the ads placed by Adsense and they can even click on them and go to the original ad posting by Google. When it comes to your Adsense revenue, there are two factors involved; the number of times ads were displayed and how many people actually clicked on those ads.


Adsense program automatically calculates your Adsense earnings based on per-click and per-thousand-advertisements-displayed. The opposite of Adsense is the Adwords program.



Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords Logo

So adsense is for web publishers and Google Adwords is for everyone else. Those who use Google Adwords are the ones that are trying to advertise their services.


Look at the image below. I ran the search term "computer", the links in the red boxes represent Adwords Paid links, the links that appear in the blue are free searches in which the best websites related to the term computer appear.


The green box represents Google Map listings in which companies, that are in your area and relate to your search will appear.


As you can see the Adwords Paid links appear at the top of the page, so that means that the traffic will see your page first. This will provide you with more traffic, and hopefully more customers.



comparing free search to paid search



To use Google Adwords, you need to create a Google Adwords account. Then you can allocate a budget for your advertising campaign and let Google know about your budget.


Your advertising might appear on general informational websites. For example, this website or my other website on computer hardware or secured loans all have Google Advertising on them.

In the Google Adwords setting you can change whether the advertising appears on the Search Network or the Contextual Network.


Adwords is proven to be effective in generating website traffic and generating leads. The checks are paid by Google monthly and the owners of the popular websites with millions of unique visitors per month usually wait patiently until the check arrives.



Difference Between Adwords and Adsense

If your website has a significant amount of visitors, Adsense is the way to earn money while you sleep. If your website does not have many visitors, Adwords may be the advertising you need to get over that hump.


If you own a business or company that needs more visitors to generate more customers, then Google Adwords is the way to increase your traffic. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) increases your free traffic and PPC (Pay Per Click) increases your paid search.


Conclusion - Difference Between Adwords and Adsense

I hope this article has helped you understand Google Adsense and Google Adwords and how they work together. If you have any questions please contact me.


So I hope that this article on 'Difference Between Adwords and Adsense' proves to be useful to you, as you endeavour to see what solution works for you.


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