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How to Make a Website

Want to learn how to make a website? Great, this is the place to start. This guide seeks to show you the process of making a website. It will not just include HTML and CSS tutorials, but this guide will take you from the start to the end. It will tell you about Search Engine Optmization and about the process of uploading files.


Maybe you don't need to start at the beginning, thats fine, just proceed at your own pace. If you ever need my help, don't hesitate to contact me.


Throughout this guide, I will be linking to other articles on my site. The purpose of this guide is to show you the process of making a website. It seeks to make your job easier, because all the steps will be laid out for you.



Step 1: Why make a website?

Now people often think that the very first step in building a website, is organizing your domain name and hosting, however the most important question that needs to be asked is, "Why?" "Why make a website?"


Now maybe you just want to learn how to make a website, locally on your own computer and never put it up on the internet? That's fine, in fact that is how I started building websites.


Or maybe your a little more serious and want to make a website for your own business, or even to make money? Whatever the reason, this question must be answered. I have a number of articles just on this one question, and the research you should do before you start. These are listed below:

  • Why build a website?
  • Just learning HTML?
  • A website that makes money?
  • Small Business?

All of these articles are important reads, before you even code the first line of your website. However, there may be some of you that just want to learn HTML, and not too interested in the whole, building a website package. If so thats fine, simply go on to the next step.


More info

Step 2: HTML Editor

Now there are many ways to make a website. You can hire a web designer, you can use a web building tool, you can use a CMS or make a blog. However, this guide is showing you how to make a website using HTML and CSS.


It is important to choose a HTML editor that is easy for you to use. This is why it is the second step of the how to make a website guide. There are a number of different programs and I will list them for you:

  • Notepad
  • Notepad ++
  • NVU
  • Dreamweaver

Now of these four, three of them are free. If you are just interested in hand-coding a website then I would strongly recommend Notepad ++, and in all my HTML tutorials I will be using it.


For more information on HTML Editors and comparing them, visit this article.

Step 3: Setting up Your Computer

Before you get to start coding, you need to setup your computer, so that your website will work and link properly. Visit this article for all the information you need to setup your computer.

Step 4: HTML Tutorials

Now this is the exciting and longest part of this guide. It is the part where you get to do some work and some learning. There aren't many tutorials up yet, but the list will be growing rapidly. The list of HTML tutorials will take you from the beginning to the end of learning HTML.

  1. Basic Requirements for a Web Page
  2. Build Your First Basic Web Page
  3. Adding a Paragraph
  4. Adding Headings
  5. Adding Images
  6. Adding Links
  7. Adding Lists
  8. Commenting on Your HTML Code
  9. Making a Title
  10. Duplicating Pages
  11. Email Links
  12. Structure
  13. Colour

Step 5: CSS Tutorials

CSS (Cascade Styling Sheet) changes your website completely. It allows you to add color, to add structure and to change the overall design in a matter of clicks. CSS is truly amazing stuff and well worth the time spent to learn it.


This is one of the most important steps in this "How to make a website guide". Nearly all modern websites are designed using CSS and it is amazing what this can do.


I am going to list all the CSS tutorials below, in an order that I think is the best to learn them.

  1. Basic Styling
  2. Inline Styling
  3. External CSS Styling
  4. Colour

Step 6: Testing

Once you have completed your website to your satisfaction, you need to begin to do some testing. There are many different ways that your website must be tested. I will be going over all of these.

  • Operating Systems
  • Browser Testing

Step 7: Hosting and Domain Name

Maybe you thought you would never get here, but you have. This step in the "How to make a website guide" is the one that you get to get your site online and working. I will cover all the different hosting options, help you find a package that suits your needs. Show you the best way to choose a domain name and help you upload your site to the internet.

  • Hosting Optios
  • Hosting Benefits
  • Choosign a Domain Name
  • Uploading Your Site via FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Step 8: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This step is optional and comes after everything else has been complete. It is possible to do SEO as you code, but it is easy enough to come back later and make little touches where necessary.


Search Engine Optimization, helps you get your website found by search engines. Obviously some websites don't really need SEO as the website is only going to be looked at by those who are given the link.


The articles below, should answer your questions about SEO and about implementing it on your site.

  • SEO Definition
  • Why use SEO?
  • Do I need to use SEO?
  • SEO Basics?
  • Adding your website to search engines


Thus ends this guide, on how to make a website. I hope you have found it beneficial and helpful for you to get your first website up and running. If you would like to contact me, feel free to do so through the contact form.




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