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How to Make Money Owning a Website


Do you want to know how to make money owning a website

? I bet you are sick of hearing about all the constant success stories you get in the media of how kids have gone from rags to riches through buying domain names or creating some amazing social media website out of nothing. We all know they do it, but how do they do it?


There are actually dozens of different ways of making money online. How to make money owning a website is not that difficult, though you may have slightly more trouble catching up with Bill Gates, but you can certainly make yourself a comfortable living from it.


What follows are some of the most popular current methods of making money online. So the next time someone asks you how to make money owing a website, you’ll already know the answer!



PPC Advertising


This is one of the best ways how to make money owning a website. All you need to do is sign up with Google's AdSense network and paste a few code snippets on to your site. Contextual adverts that are relevant to your site will then be served onto it by Google, appearing on your site and earning you a small amount of money each time someone clicks on those ads.



CPM Advertising


CPM advertising is a pretty similar way of how to make money owning a website as PPC advertising is, with the difference being that you are paid according to how many page views or impressions the adverts shown on your website generate. CPM means cost per mile, referring to the price you get paid for 1,000 views.


If your website’s blog can generate 100,000 monthly impressions through an advert that has a $1CPM, it will earn you $100 a month!



Direct Banner Advertising


One of the more lucrative options for how to make money owning a website is to sell advertising space yourself. The advantages of doing so are that you can determine your own rates, and you cut out the middleman (Google in most cases). On the downside though, this method will only really work if you already have a large following on your website.



Affiliate Marketing


This is a hugely popular practice for how to make money owning a website, yet there is no reason why you can’t get in on the act too. The way this works is that affiliates act as agents, promoting the products and services of other companies, earning a commission for each sale they can generate. Affiliate marketers use a number of tools, anything from text links to banners and product reviews posted on their website.



RSS Feed Adverts


Thanks to the millions of web users who have adopted RSS technology, we are now able to make money from this content distribution channel. It’s possible to sign up to a publisher network like the one owned by Feedburber, and display CPM style advertising in your RSS feed footer, getting paid for the views you generate, yet another great way of how to make money owning a website.



In conclusion, there are virtually unlimited advantages and potential for online advertising via the Internet. There are many benefits, such as costs, wider targets, time-saving and more. There are also a number types of online advertising, such as Pay Per Click Advertising and Email Advertising.

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