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HTML Tutorials

html exampleThis page seeks to provide HTML tutorials for the basic beginner to the more advanced HTML user.


The code on the left is HTML code, very very simple HTML code. If you want to see complicated HTML code, simply right click on any website and press View Source (Internet Explorer) or View Page Source (Firefox).


Now I don't want to scare you with complicated HTML code, so we are going to take this very easy.


It is surprising what a little bit of simple HTML code can do.


HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) is the language that most websites are built in. To build the most basic web page, HTML is the only lanugage that you must know how to use.


The list of tutorials below will start off simply, with the most basic HTML page and become more and more complicated. Often at the end of a tutorial, I will suggest another tutorial as the next best tutorial to learn.


So you can go through this as you seek to build your very own website.

HTML Tutorials


  • Building your very first HTML page
  • What to do with the Title tag?
  • HTML Headings
  • HTML Colours
  • HTML Tables
  • Adding and image in HTML


  • Styling your HTML
  • Working with the Meta Tags



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