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How to Make Money with Affiliate Programs



Making Money with Affiliate Programs?


So looking to make money with affiliate programs but not exactly sure what they are or how you might use them? If thats the question that you have then you have come to the right place. This article will hopefully help to provide you with a basic explanation of affiliate marekting and how you could implement something like this into your business.


The core motivation for every business, is to make a profit. Without profit, no one does business and the actual business cannot sustain without a profit. Affiliate marketing is one of the businesses in which a number of models have been defined for affiliate profits generation.

If you are willing to become an affiliate marketer, you have a lot of flexible options when it comes to the affiliate marketing model and how you want to engaged in affiliate marketing.


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Profit Models in Affiliate Marketing

Let’s have a look at some of the profit models that can be used to make money with affiliate programs and marketing.

Pay-per-sale also known as revenue sharing is the model used in majority of affiliate marketing engagements. About 80% of all affiliate marketing businesses use this affiliate profits model. This model is also called pay-per-sale and percentage programs. In this online profit model, the merchant shares a percentage of the profit with the affiliate.

Pay-per-lead is another way of online profit generation related to affiliate marketing. Lead is defined as contact details of a potential customer. Although this profit mechanism works as same as revenue sharing, there is one difference. Instead of sharing a percentage with the affiliate, merchant pays only a fixed amount to the affiliate regardless of the business transaction amount.


This model works in two ways; direct diversion of potential customers or collecting customer information from affiliate website and later sharing it with the merchant. When it comes to commission, there are two parameters considered; accuracy of contact information and potential with the customer. Pay-per-lead is the second most frequently used affiliate marketing model.


Pay-per-click is by far the easiest of the affiliate marketing models. That is because it only requires a click rather then a sale or lead. Typical and regular Internet users that own a website can easily get involved with this type of advertising. Google Adsense is the most popular Pay-per-click affiliate marketing service.


Google Adsensegoogle adsense logo

Google adsense has become the most popular pay-per-click program and is a great way to make money with affiliate programs. Google gives the option to integrate adsense to your existing Google products through just a matter of a click.


Through adsense, the affiliate is paid every time a person clicks an ad link. Google sends adsense profits to affiliates at the end of every month. If you have a website that thousands of visitors visit every day, you can expect high adsense profits.


Click here to read about the difference between Google Adsense and Google Adwords.


Blogging Affiliate Marketing

Blogging for profit is also popular as one of the affiliate marketing strategies. This belongs to the category called per-per-post. Whenever a blogger posts a blog post or reply to a blog post related some product, the blogger is paid. This model is becoming popular among the young generation who surf the Internet as it gives them some pocket money.

Blogging for profit receives both positive and negative criticism. One negative issue is that the model creates a lot of bias content on the Internet and the Internet users maybe mislead by some of the blog posts and comments. Therefore, this model is considered harmful for enrichment and quality of the Internet.



The above article briefly covers each of the different methods in affiliate marketing. There are quite a number of different methods, so I hope that this article on 'Make Money with Affiliate Programs' proves to be useful to you, as you endeavour to see which solution might benefit you.


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