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Online Advertising - Internet Marketing

Online Advertising is the way for you to attrack visitors and future customers to your products and services through the internet.


Internet Advertising is the magnet for attracting customers to products and services via the internet. Although there are a number of advertising methods available for companies to take their products and services to the market, there are a few advertising mechanisms effective and cheaper than the rest.


Online advertising is one such mechanism that has proven its effectiveness in marketing within a short period of time.


When it comes to advertising, there are a number of advantages of Internet advertising over traditional advertising.


Save time with Online Advertising

The first and foremost benefit of online advertising, is the time taken for advertising. Contrast to the traditional methods, online advertising only takes a fraction of the original time. Once the content is published on the Internet, the potential customers are reached within minutes.


Wider Target Range with Online Advertising

Next is the ability to reach a wide geographical area. Since the Internet is used by people all over the world, your advertisement will reach people living in every part of the world, other than Antarctica (which I’m sure still lacks Internet).


Cheaper Online Advertising

If you are a start-up entrepreneur or an individual running a small business, you may not have a big budget allocated for advertising. This is where free web advertising comes for your salvation.


Free advertising on the Internet has a long history. There are a number of forums and advertising directories such as Craigslist, where you can post your free advertisement.


Some web advertising directories offer you the basic free web advertising features for no money and will charge you a one-time subscription fee for offering you more advanced features for your advertising campaign.


Email Advertising

Email advertising is one of the main stakeholders of advertising. Email advertising is now used as the most effective online advertising mechanism due to the high conversion ratio and the ability to target specific consumer segments. This method is called ‘Target Marketing’ and companies of every scale use it.


There are many pros and cons of email advertising. Spamming is one of the main disadvantages of email advertising because spamming wastes a lot of time and money for people while consuming a lot of Internet resources.


Pay Per Click Advertising

There are a number of online Pay Per Click advertising programs available on the Internet. Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing are just a few advertising methods available for marketing your goods and services.


Getting into these advertising methods is an easy task. Therefore, anyone with no technical knowledge can setup online accounts for these advertising methods and start publishing their advertisements.


Unethical Online Advertising

Spyware and adware are two main categories of unethical advertising that cause harm to Internet users. Since Internet marketing and online advertising are mainly based on gathering customer information, there are unethical methods such as Trojan horses employed for gathering information without the user’s consent.



In conclusion, there are virtually unlimited advantages and potential for online advertising via the Internet. There are many benefits, such as costs, wider targets, time-saving and more. There are also a number types of online advertising, such as Pay Per Click Advertising and Email Advertising.

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