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HTML Title Tag

The HTML title tag is used to define the title of your webpage. The title element is placed between the HTML head tag. Whatever you include inside the <title></title> is the title of your document.

  • The title will be placed in the browser toolbar.
  • This title is also placed as the title for your entry on a search page.
  • This title is also placed as the title for a favorite when added.

The title element is required when building a webpage and it is also helpful for search engines.


HTML Title Tag Example

The following example will show you what can be contained within the HTML title element and what this tag does:


Example in Table. HTML is purple and red in this specific tag, the Title tag.


Code Example

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en">


<title>The title of your document goes here</title>



<p>Body Content</p>




Your Page(browser view) the html tag
Browser Toolbar title tag
Those are the titles that have been placed inbetween the opening and closing title tag. title tag in google search
Again the title that you place between those tags, appears in the name spot. bookmarks title tag


So do you see what the HTML title tag does? It makes no difference to your actual site in the content, but it creates the title of your page. A good title should quickly summarise what the page is about. If the search engines find that your title and content match, then you will be ranked higher on the search engies page.


Every tutorial that you do, must have this title element at the beginning and end of it. Are you ready for some HTML tutorials, or want to continue learning the Basic HTML tags?





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