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Types of Websites

This article is written to explain the different types of websites. So have you identified that you want to build a website? Great, the next step is to identify what type of website you want/need. Are you building a website for a business, just for fun or to promote a certain product?


Do you need a photo gallery or do you require a website that will be updated every day? This page has a list of the different types of websites that are commonly built.


Business Website

In today's society, nearly all businesses need to have a prescence on the web. However, there are far too many websites on the web that no one ever sees. So although it is helpful to have a website, it is even more helpful to have a website with visitors.


When you hand out business cards, it is great to have a web address for that person to look at. Nearly everyone will have a look at the businesses website before buying a product from them. If they have a good website, then they will be much more likely to buy.


However, many businesses just don't have the time to build a website. If thats the case then contact me and I will be happy to build you one for low cost.


In today's day and age it is nearly compulsory for businesses to have a website.


Personal Portfolio Website

However, maybe you don't have a business, but you have a product or service that you offer. For these kind of things a porfolio website is excellent. With about 5-10 pages, a portfolio website is easier to build and will simply provide information on who you are and what you do.


If you are a photographer then you can have a gallery that shows your visitors what you can do. You can advertise this type of website on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also do some Search Engine Optimization on it so that visitors will find you through the search engines.


What about a Blog?

Blogger.com is a simple and easy way to gain a web prescence. Blogger is free and it is incredibly easy. You simply put up new posts, on anything that you like and people will find you and subscribe.


You can also advertise through social media or by word of mouth. A blog will generally start off with slow traffic, but the more content you have the faster it will build up. A blog is best for the person that wants to do a limited amount of coding and would prefer just to write content.


Information Website

Do you know heaps about a certain topic? Do you want to help people out? Well building a website on a certain topic is a rewarding way to help society and other people. Not only that you can build traffic up and even start a small business that will earn you money online.


That is what this website and my other major website (www.computer-hardware-explained.com) are for. They are designed to help people, by providing information and in the long run I plan to earn some money from advertising and the like. SBI (site build it) is a great tool for this and one that I have used.sbi


I recommend you using SBI to build your first information site.


Building a website for fun?

Another good reason to build a website, is to just make a website for fun. Just learn how to do it! It doesn't need to ever go online or anything, it can just be something that you enjoy doing.


When I was younger, that was how I started out. Just building a website from scratch for fun. I went onto websites like this one and followed tutorials and learnt HTML and later I learnt CSS.


Conclusion: Types of Websites

So can you see the different types of websites?


Well like everything, there is no one way to do it and the same applies to building/making a website. There are easier ways to do it (blogger for instance) but there are other ways that may be more difficult but more rewarding.


So have you worked out what type of website you neeed? So hopefully you have decided that you need a website, and hopefully now you have determined the type of website you need. If so, the next step is to decide how you are going to go about it.

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