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What is Affiliate Marketing


What is Affiliate Marketing?


what is affiliate marketing - money making ideas for onlineAffiliate marketing is one of the phases that we hear on a daily basis.


When we surf the Internet, we encounter claims made by wealthy affiliates that claim they have become millionaires by doing affiliate marketing, the smart way.


Internet marketing has become the most advanced type of marketing at the moment. Compared to classical marketing, Internet marketing uses the latest technologies and communication media for conveying marketing messages to potential customers.


Although Internet marketing is based on classical marketing concepts, there are many additions introduced to Internet marketing by the characteristics of the Internet.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Internet marketing is one of the main stakeholders of Internet marketing. Some years ago, Amazon introduced a marketing concept called ‘Associate program’ and it started earning popularity among marketing professionals from the first day.


Over the years, the concept introduced by Amazon evolved to become affiliate Internet marketing. To make things simple, let’s try to understand the model of affiliate marketing.

There are merchants all over the Internet who manufacture products and offer services to the end users. They require their products and services marketed over the Internet. These merchants offer opportunities for you to become ‘affiliated’ where you will be marketing their products and services on behalf of them. For this job, you are paid a commission.

Since affiliate marketing has made its way to the top of the popularity list, everyone wants to become an affiliate to earn some extra money. Some people are more serious than others when it comes to affiliate marketing and they do this business full time.


However, it is beneficial to try out whether affiliate marketing is for you, before you go and quit your day-time job. You can start searching an affiliate directory for best affiliate programs available at present. Finding the best affiliate program is no big job if you know how to use the affiliate directory.


How Long will it take to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

Probably one of the most asked questions, by people looking into affiliate marketing. So, how long will it take for me to become like the wealthy affiliate who tempted me to get into affiliate marketing?


There are many parameters to consider before answering such question. First of all, your commitment plays a key role. Almost all successful affiliate marketers work hard to get there and it is no exception for you.

Getting into affiliate marketing is not a tough job. First of all, you need to have a passion for what you do. If affiliate marketing is not your ‘thing’, then go and find what works best for you. Getting into affiliate marketing without experience or enthusiasm will waste your effort and investment.

There is much resources that can be found online for affiliate marketing start-ups. Although some guides tend to exaggerate for marketing purposes, most guides provide you ample information to take the first few steps. There are many best things about starting an affiliate marketing business, so refer a proper guide to get the best information and advice on setting up your first affiliate marketing business.



The above article briefly covers affiliate marketing and answers the question about what is affiliate marketing. There are quite a number of different methods, so I hope that this article on 'What is Affiliate Marketing' proves to be useful to you, as you endeavour to see which solution might benefit you.


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