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What is CSS - Cascade Style Sheets



What is CSS - Cascade Styling Sheet

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Hopefully this article explaining What is CSS, will help shed some light on this issue.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is one of the core technologies used when designing websites. Although many people are not aware of the presence and power of Cascading Style Sheets, this technology can do a lot of things that you can’t even imagine.


There are some websites on the Internet where their layouts, design, and color scheme are fully driven by Cascading Style Sheets. Therefore, getting to know what Cascading Style Sheets do could be beneficial when you create your own website.


Learning CSS

If you have been into web designing for some time, but not that familiar with Cascading Style Sheets, then you can follow a simple CSS tutorial online. Slowly I plan on creating my own CSS tutorials.


You should be able to find many useful CSS tutorials simply by searching the Internet. There are some websites that will offer you weekly lessons on CSS at a small fee charged for their service. These services are provided by most the e-learning companies.


CSS (Cascade Style Sheets) Syntax and Coding

Cascading Style Sheets has its own syntax. Same as any programming language, CSS syntax is unique for CSS. Therefore, it is vital for web designers and developers to have CSS editor when working with CSS.


Almost all commercial grade web designing software such as Adobe Dreamweaver, have CSS editors and support for CSS syntax highlighting.


If you happen to have a look at sample CSS code, you will notice human readable syntax. This is one factor which has made CSS popular among almost all web designers and developers.

When the whole CSS is considered, there isn’t much syntax in CSS. Although the amount of syntax is limited, you are required to use this syntax in the right order.


Unlike other computer programming languages, there is no exception handling, structured programming, or object oriented programming in Cascading Style Sheets.


CSS is just a set of instructions given to the parser in order to render the web page at the browser end. Therefore, you have to be precise and accurate when writing CSS.


CSS Tips & Tricks from the Internet

The Internet is a rich source of CSS tips and tricks. Since there is no meaning of reinventing the wheel, it is always advised to use existing CSS codes to get your work done.


But this process of using other’s code should not be a blind copy-paste, rather the web designer or developer should understand what is being done.


Since we all learn from the free sources on the Internet, it is only fair that you have something of your own to give back to the community.


Whenever you write some breakthrough code (such as an easier way of changing the properties of the CSS background image) and if you think the rest of the designers will benefits from that, then giving out such CSS tips is a great way to enhance the CSS knowledge base.


Simply start blogging about it and the world will get to know your tips!



The above description is only a brief answer for the question "What is CSS". If you have further doubts about what is CSS, you ought to refer some advanced and in-depth learning material.


This website provides you with some in-depth CSS tutorials that you can use, so that you can fully understand the answer to "What is CSS" and that you will be able to begin using CSS in your own websites.

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