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What is HTML



What is HTML - HyperText Markup Language?


Basically HTML is a coding language that stands for HyperText Markup Language. If you want to see what HTML code looks like, simply take your mouse, right-click on any website and press "View Source".what is html - hyper text markup language


HTML has been around since the beginning of the World Wide Web. HTML is a computer programming scripting language that allows the creation of websites.


Although HTML is not as complicated as other computer programming languages, you will need to get assistance from an HTML tutorial in order to understand the scripting language, fully.


There are many things that can be done through HTML and only a fraction of the language is usually used for simple web designing.


HTML is one of the easiest languages to learn if you find a proper HTML tutorial. The basic HTML page creation and associated tags can be covered through one session of the language learning. Such basics are easy to learn and they act as powerful tools for creating websites.



HTML - Continually Evolving

HTML, as a language is not stagnant in nature. This language evolves rapidly and there are new versions coming in with a lot of feature additions.


W3C is the authority governing the evolution of HTML. W3C considers many aspects of web designing and development as well as the latest trends when determining additions and eliminations of features from the language.


Although HTML is a primary scripting language, it offers some cool HTML effects. If you are looking at designing a simple, static web site these cool HTML effects alone, will suffice to entertain visitors.


In most cases, people frequently forget HTML’s ability of coming up with great effect they try to substitute it with expensive and heavy components such as Flash. Use of Flash adds elegance to the web site design, but it also adds an additional overhead to the website’s performance and the cost.


Learning HTML

When you are at the point of learning HTML, trying to emulate everything other web scripting languages do in HTML is one of the great HTML code fun tasks. You can learn cool HTML codes this way.


Although there are no substitutes for all these language and feature functions, you can cover a significant amount of features through HTML. Sometimes, it can be a difficult task to come up with your own HTML codes to perform a specific task.


There are two ways of handling such situation; learn the language more in-depth or, by looking at someone else’s HTML codes. You can do the latter by right clicking on the web site and choosing "view source".


Although the former method is the best way to go about in such situations, latter is often chosen as the remedy for critical and time sensitive issues.


It is always fine to use someone else’s code as long as you learn something out of it and do not copy the entire website. If you copy the entire website, the original website's owner could go after you for copyright infringement. The next time such expertise is required, you should be able to do it alone, rather than having to copy the same HTML codes again and again.



The above description is only a brief answer for the question ‘what is HTML’. If you have further doubts about what is HTML, you ought to refer some advanced and in-depth learning material.


This website provides you with some in-depth HTML tutorials that you can use, so that you can fully understand the answer to "What is HTML" and that you will be able to being using HTML in your own websites.


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