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Why Build a Website?

So why build a website? Whats the point? There are a number of good reasons and these will be outlined below. Maybe you have a small business and would like to have a presence on the internet, or maybe you want to advertise your own skills, such as photography?


Maybe you would like to build a website to just explain a certain topic that you are an expert on or maybe you would like to write a blog that explains your day to day life.

Top Reasons to build a websitewww

  • Online Presence
  • Gaining more customers
  • Selling more products
  • Becoming relvant and up-to-date
  • Reaching different audiences
  • Just for fun
  • Making Money


Business Reasons for a website

For small businesses today it is nearly compulsory for them to have an online presence. It means that when you hand out business cards, there is a URL on the bottom that people can go and have a look at.


Today, people will judge your company by the website. If the website is good then the company will be good. When I think about buying a certain product, I will often go to their website and decide from then whether to pursue after their product or not.


Having a website can also increase your customers and sales. People will do more research online, meaning they ask you less questions when they arrive at your store. Having a website has also become the norm in today's society. Your business needs to keep up. What better way then by having a stylish and good looking website? Contact me, if you don't have enough time to build a website, and I can build you one for a low cost.


Personal Reasons to have a website

Even if you don't have a business, getting a website is also helpful and beneficial. You can use it to advertise your own personal skills through a portfolio website.


You can also just build a website, just for fun, so that you can learn HTML and CSS. That is why I built my first website. Just for fun!


Making Money

Another reason to build a website, is to make money. Now I am not offering you a get rich quick scheme, but I am telling you that it is possible to make money off the internet, from your home, on your computer.


If you know heaps about a certain topic then you could build an information website, that explains certain topics and which will generate traffic. The more traffic you get, the more money you can make through advertisments or affiliates.sbi


There are other ways to make money too. SBI (site build it) is a great tool for this and one that I have used.



Conclusion: Why Build a Website?

So have you come up with a few good reasons to build a website? Hopefully you have answered the question this article was written to answer "Why Build a Website?"


Well if you have answered this question, then the next thing you need to do is to decide what type of website to build. Once you decide that, you can decide how you are going to go about it.


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